Publications + Posts

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Peer-reviewed Publication:

“Teaching Catholic Social Thought: A Symposium Introduction.” Journal of Moral Theology, 11:2, 2022.

with Kyle Lambelet. (2021) “Finding God in the Fieldnotes: Christian ethics and the turn to ethnography.” Ecclesial Practices, 8:1. [Co-editor of this Special Issue of Ecclesial Practices from the Fieldwork in Ethics Interest Group of the Society of Christian Ethics].

“Mothering Theo-Political Ideology: Natural Law, Empirical Facts, and Discourse Politics” in Scripture, Tradition, and Reason in Christian Ethics: Normative Dimensions,​ eds. Bharat Ranganathan and Derek Woodard-Lehman, Palgrave Macmillian Also on

“Identifying Liberation for the Chronically Homeless and Mentally Ill,” Glossolalia (Yale Graduate Journal), Vo. 5, No. 1, (2012).

Publications Under Review:

“Reflexivity as a Practice of Nonconformity: Sundown Towns, the Doctrine of Discovery, and the Implicit Political Theology of Mennonite Advocacy”

Online Essays:

Shields, Jon Kara. (2020) “Courage.”  Syndicate Symposium: Sins and Virtues in American Public Life

“‘All About Redemption’: Bail Outs, Second Chances, and Pretrial Justice” Political Theology Network. May 7, 2019.

“Not feminist enough.” Political Theology Network. August 15, 2018.